Demonstration Water Tank Donated To Hillarys Primary School

Hillarys Primary School’s water conservation program has been greatly enhanced after becoming the recipient of BlueScope Water Tanks inaugural Demonstration Water Tank.

BlueScope Water Tanks General Manager Daniel Wyatt said Hillarys Primary School is a very deserving recipient of BlueScope Water Tanks’ inaugural demonstration school water tank, as it was the first school to attain the Water Corporation’s Waterwise status and has an ongoing program and commitment to conserve water. The 27,500 litre-tank, a GT30 Wilderness® tank, will provide water for irrigating the ‘sustainable’ school garden, which features vegetable and herb gardens, native and ‘bush tucker’ gardening, hydroponics and aquaponics.

Hillarys Primary School Principal Russell Bembridge said the tank will provide an invaluable source of water for these projects and will assist the students’ educational experience with water conservation. “The installation of the tank provides a wonderful opportunity for the school to promote water conservation throughout the school and the community,” he said. “It is a visible reminder of the need for us to conserve water and will demonstrate to our community how we all can work towards developing a sustainable environment both at school and in our homes.”

The first water removed from the tank occurred at an official event held at the school on 13 September at 10.30am, which was attended by school children as well representatives from BlueScope Water Tank, Water Corporation and Hillarys Primary School.

Daniel said living in a land as dry and arid as Western Australia, we all need to work together to help conserve and manage water, and school tanks offer a great way for children (and their families) to learn about the importance of water conservation and rainwater harvesting. “The demonstration tank will provide other schools considering purchasing a water tank for rainwater harvesting and recycling programs with a reference point,” he said. “We hope other schools will model Hillary’s water conservation program and consider using a water tank to teach our future generations the importance of water conservation.”

Over the years BlueScope Water Tanks has worked closely with schools and community groups to develop a range of school water storage tanks specifically designed with safety and functionality in mind. The GT30 Wilderness® tank has been purpose-designed for schools and has built-in safety features, such as a lockable access hatch and fixings secured away from vandalism and the weather.