Megan and Shayne Cheney – Cheney Building Services

Koornalla (Traralgon South)


Megan and Shayne Cheney had built their business up by building other peoples dream homes.

In 2008, they began building their own forever dream home in Koornalla, near Traralgon South. With no fresh water supply on their property, they needed to harvest water from their new home and store an adequate volume of water that was safe for their growing family and soon to be garden.

With their new home being built on a hilly terrain, water storage needed to fit in a suitable, level area, be cost effective, and be just as asthetically pleasing as their home.


Based on:

  • Roof catchment and average yearly rainfall
  • Predicted annual usage
  • Suitable area available
  • Strong steel construction that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Liner construction designed for water storage and BPA free
  • Budget
  • Colour palette

Pioneer Water Tanks – Traralgon installed a 92,570 L Gross capacity Zincalume Pioneer Water tank. Megan and Shayne’s forever dream home was now complete and ready for their families’ life.


Disaster struck – BLACK SATURDAY


7th February 2009 a deliberately lit fire started in Churchill swept through the hills of Callignee, Koornalla and Traralgon South destroying 57 of the 61 homes in the area and everything else in its path. A total of 81,200 acres of land had been burnt in that area alone.

Megan and Shayne’s forever dream home was gone, disintegrated into a pile of roof sheets and ash. The only thing left standing was the letter box , their young daughters’ cubbyhouse and a 92,570 L Pioneer Water Tank half  full of water.


A new beginning


Once the clean-up process began, Danny Moulton from Pioneer Water Tanks – Traralgon met with Shayne on site to see how the tank had fared after the fire front had gone through the property. They were all amazed at the fires destruction. The Pioneer Water Tank did not buckle or warp. The tank was not leaking and the liner was in great shape without damage.

The lid on the inlet filter basket had some damage from the heat and both lid and basket were replaced. The tank was cleaned and fresh water was delivered.

Danny and Shayne discussed ways to move forward and provide additional water storage during the rebuilding phase. As there was no power available it was decided a 27,542 L Pioneer Water Tank was to be installed up the hill as a header tank for the house once they had rebuilt and could have easy access to water during the rebuilding phase.


Megan and Shayne from Cheney Building Services know how important a good quality, safe and reliable water tank is. That’s why they only use Pioneer Water Tanks – Traralgon for themselves and their clients.