Quality Water Tanks For Traralgon

Local Traralgon Rainwater Tank Supplier

Longevity, top grade permanent fixtures and fittings and toughness, are just a few of the variables that have to be considered when seeking to purchase your rainwater tank.

Pioneer Water Tanks servicing the Traralgon area have supplied rural Australia with water tanks for all types of home and farming requirements. These steel watertanks are constructed to hold up against the harshest of climates, utilising BlueScope Zincalume @ or Colorbond ® steel.

Pioneer Water Tanks may be developed to suit your personalised environmental goals.



The goal to create a water storage solution is a significant one, and one that has to take into consideration a variety of variables to ensure the very best buying choice possible (ie more than just focusing your water tank price). Whilst price is a major point to consider, other substantial aspects should not be discounted.

Toughness, longevity, and premium of product will determine the length of time your tank will survive (and consequently delay the requirement for this overhead to be repeated). Your warranty period in addition to determining exactly what is and is not covered is also important.

As our products can last in excess of twenty years or more (all tanks are covered by a 20-year conditional warranty up to the model size GT280), a tank purchase for a Pioneer Water Tank is always one that will supply peace of mind.


Water Storage Solutions

When planning the placement of your water storage system, you’ll need to think about what sort of water harvesting method you aim to use. A wet water harvesting system (where the pipes proceed underground to your water storage tank), can essentially be positioned wherever you want.

A dry water harvesting system (where your water is gathered from your roofing system/ gutter system and delivered directly to your steel water tank), will need to take distance from the collection point into account. Thefurther away from the water compilation source, the more substantial the angle of the pipes will need to be.


Poly Water Tanks

Poly rainwater tanks may possibly be a good choice if your space is restricted, you need to make use of a more compact footprint, or you require your water storage solution to remain transportable.

Reasons like longevity, sturdiness, effectiveness, and water quality are all comparable when it comes to deciding between a steel tank and its polyethylene watertank counterpart.


The Use Of Colorbond Steel

It’s a widely known truth that Colorbond ® is one of the most highly regarded and trusted brands within Australia (absolutely within the Traralgon area). Making use of this top quality product empowers us to place the faith we have in our rainwater tanks to supply long-term premium results for you.

When investing in your Pioneer Water Tank, you can choose your favored Colorbond Color, and have assurance that your water storage until will look great and operate consistently over a lengthy time period.


Choosing The Appropriate Rainwater Tank Size

One of the major benefits of a steel water tank over a poly tank is the fact that a steel water storage until has the ability to hold much larger volumes of water without needing a second storage option.  Individual needs vary, and it can be confusing as to what volume tank wold best suit your property.

Our experienced local Dealer will share with you everything you need to know to understand the right water tank size for you.


We Live and Breathe Taralgon

Pioneer Water Tanks has supplied water tanks for the Melbourne and Traralgon areas for years.  We know firsthand the uniqueness of climate that is experienced within this rural environment. We also appreciate that the rationale for every purchase is determined by unique personal, environmental, and economic concerns.

If you are not sure about which way to go, or what options may be best for your property, simply contact us and let us share or vast knowledge base with you. Our objective is to be of value to you, and assist you to make the absolute best buying decision possible.

So put us to the test and give us a call today.