Water Tank Prices

Water Storage Tank Longevity Is Critical to Ascertaining Value

Rain water tanks are an extremely useful resource when it comes to saving money, and of course the environment. Because of the environmental savings, the price of your tank may also be offset via a water tank rebate plan ( you can check with local council and Government agencies).

Not surprisingly, this type of acquisition is treated as a long-term investment. A successful investment is one that will deliver the best return over the longest period of time.

Your preference of water tank (larger versus smaller, poly rainwater tank versus a steel one) is no different and therefore, if you restrict your mindset to finding the most inexpensive water tank, you will be doing yourself a massive injustice.


Our Steel Tanks Last The Distance – Resulting in Saved Time & Money

Our comprehensive range of water tanks are fabricated within Australia, guaranteeing the best quality water tank achievable.

As a market forerunner, our rainwater tanks are designed to endure the demanding conditions of Taralgons’ volatile climate. Pioneer quality water tanks are produced utilsing a 100% completely recyclable Australian Zincalume ® which is both strong and long lasting.

Our water tanks are offered in a large range of Colorbond ® colours, making certain your new rain water tank will not only endure the test of time, it will likewise continue to look superb.


What Kind of Guarantee Is Your Rainwater Tank Covered By?

At Pioneer Water Tanks Traralgon, our company offer a Twenty year conditional warranty on all domestic water tank versions and it’s super easy to implement.


What Fixtures & Fittings Are Worked with To Guarantee Water Storage Longevity?

At Pioneer Water Tanks Traralgon, our qualified team use quality top grade fittings (on each of the underground and above ground services) to make sure that your watertank stands the test of time. We make use of the following as a normal inclusion for each and every water storage system we produce:

High Tensile Bolts

high-tensile-boltsSpecifically engineered for strength and durability, our bolts are galvanised high tensile 8.8 grade.
Not only are they hardened and super strong, they are the most resistant bolt on the market to shear under pressure.

8-80 V-LOCK

8-880-vlockPioneer Water Tanks’ exclusive 8-80 V-LOCK is specifically engineered to maximise the strength of corrugated steel without damaging or stretching your liner when moulded to the tank wall.

In fact, independent testing proves that our 8-80 V-LOCK provides the ultimate shock absorption to prevent movement or sinking.



With a life expectancy of 65 years, our state-of theart five-layer Aqualiner® stores your water without compromising the quality and purity of the water it contains.

Designed to fit the Pioneer Water Tank, the Aqualiner® is so strong and versatile that it can be fitted to any other water tank with no loss of quality.

Sacrificial Anodes

sacrificial-anodesOur sacrificial magnesium anodes significantly extend the life of your water tank by protecting the tank from corrosion.

Made from magnesium, the anodes erode in place of the water tank, thereby protecting the steel and allowing the tank to live longer and stronger.

Pioneer Water Tanks recommend your anodes be replaced every 10 years so you can enjoy the benefits of your tank for life.

150mm Diameter Overflow

150mm-overflowPioneer Water Tanks provides a 150mm overflow down pipe: the largest overflow system on the Australian market. Its size moves excess water away from the tank quickly to effectively reduce pressure on your tank and avoid costly damage to your tank components.

Heavy Duty Trusses

heavy-duty-trussesOur exclusively engineered trusses are hot dipped galvanised steel equipped with a swivel foot to provide optimal movement in your tank in Australia’s extreme heat and wind conditions.

As your tank adapts to external conditions, you can rest easy your tank won’t fail when you need it most.


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