Water Storage Tanks

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater is just one of our most prized natural resources, (specifically here in Traralgon) which has been accumulated within Australia since colonial times.

The quantity of rain water accumulated will fluctuate based upon the placement of your water tank, and the water storage process being utliised to capture this precious resource.

A large majority of rural homes are compelled to source most of their water on their property, with rain water often showing to be a higher quality option than basic household supply, or from a dam, bore or river.


Rain Water Roof and Gutter (Dry) Harvesting Technique

A major factor of any rain capturing system is the method through which the water is actually accumulated.

The majority of roofs can be utilised for rainwater collection, however you need to keep in mind the angle of the pipe may have to change based upon the length between the tank and the roof.

The type of water consumption will establish the necessary quality level of the collection method. A consumption example of a lesser quality rain water collection system would be for irrigating your garden or grassplot, or saving water for fire fighting functions.

Despite this being a low level example, you still have to make sure the system does not involve unsealed asbestos, that vegetation is not hanging over the roof, and the utilization of leaf screens on rain gutters.

For higher quality consumption needs, such as drinking water, you have to stay clear of roof segments consisting of lead flashing or asbestos sheeting, and also steer clear of roofs coated with pre 1980 paint.


Underground (Wet) Water Harvesting Program

This type of water collection will be facilitated around the boundary of your home, with the water being transported underground via a sequence of PVC pipes to your water storage preference.

When employing this type of water collection system, it is imperative that the pipes are screened with a non-corrosive screen of not beyond 1m aperture.

A “wet” system could be converted to a “dry” one using in ground water diverters which would boost your water quality and savings.


Our Rainwater Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks Traralgon are available in a series of sizes to meet any condition you may have. Our rain water tanks make use of BlueScope Steel ® for the roof and body, with an exclusive Aqualiner internally.

Additionally you can choose your favourite colour from the extensive Colorbond ® range.

These heavy-duty and resilient industrial tanks are ideal to withstand the rigours of an ever changing natural environment.

With first class accessories, we have everything you require to create the best water harvesting system possible.

As a local Water Tank Traralgon local business, our company knows what it takes to deliver the best client service within the region. Give us a call on (03) 5145 1684 and let us help you today.